Kent Muer – Essentials To Brand Building

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

Building your business’s brand is no easy feat. But it is essential if your business is going to compete in today’s oversaturated market. Kent Muer is an artistic and graphic design consultant that helps local business define and build their brand to be more successful. He recommends following some key steps to go through this process.
Identify what product, service, resource, etc. you want to provide to others. This is fairly self-explanatory and can be expanded on later if needed.
Define your core values. What matters to you as a business owner and what matters to your company? Is great customer service the most important thing or is it quality of product? There are so many values to choose from so this one may take a little while. Don’t feel that you need to get it down to one, or even two. You can have a few to help round out your ideals.

Determine your talents or special skills. What will you bring to the table to make your business successful? What skills are you lacking or need to improve on to be able to manage every aspect of the business? At this step, you may want to do some research or find an expert in an area that you need help in.

Combine all of the above into a statement of specialty, then expand into a paragraph. This will be a jumping off point to build on. This represents what you are offering your customers and why you are the right person to offer it to them.
Add on a tag line for your new branded business.

Developing and building a brand for your business can be a difficult and long process. Although it can be done alone, many business owners enlist the help of people like Kent Muer to help achieve their branding goals.


Kent Muer – Volunteering Is Good For You Mind, Body, and Soul

Volunteering your time not only helps the community but can help your own health and well-being too. Giving back provides many benefits that millions who volunteer experience daily. One of those volunteers is Kent Muer. He volunteers at his local food bank to help those in dire need.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

There are countless numbers of ways that you can volunteer to help your local community. Whether you are reading books to the blind, visiting people in the hospital, cleaning up a park or serving food at a shelter; most volunteering involves some physical movement. This exercise can help you stay fit and maybe even get you out in the fresh air and sunshine.

Volunteering isn’t just good for you physically, it helps mentally too. It can help you connect with other and feel less isolated, which can fight depression and anxiety symptoms. Having a network of support from fellow volunteers will help to turn your frown upside down.

Another way volunteering makes you smile is by giving you’re a sense of purpose and something to be inspired by. The rush you can get when donating your time or helping someone in need is amazing. It will help you contribute something positive and help you see a positive change in your community.

Doing good can also help to boost your self-confidence by giving you a sense of accomplishment and pride, not only in your work but in your community too.

Volunteering can provide many benefits for you and the community you are helping. Kent Muer is one of the many people who experience the benefits through volunteering.

Kent Muer – Don’t Give Up On Your Dream

Kent Muer knows better than most about how hard it can be to finally achieve your life-long dream and the compromises and twists and turns it takes to get there. Kent dreamed of being an artist ever since he was little. He moved from New York to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder because he was so inspired by the beautiful mountains. After getting his degree, he thought he would have paintings in every gallery but it wasn’t quite so easy.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

Kent had to learn to keeping pushing and working toward his dream, even if it was in unconventional ways. He took odd jobs and worked as a barista so he could pay his rent while still painting on the side. He interned at several galleries to get exposure in the art world.

And finally, he found a niche that local businesses needed. He now works to help build brands, develop advertising and logos and more in his community. He was able to find a way to make his dream of working in the art world practical by applying it to the business world.

Often times shifting your dream like this is necessary. For example, you may dream of playing professional baseball. But you can still live your dream by working in the Public Relations department for your favorite team. This allows you to have the best of both worlds by working in your dream field without the disappointment of not getting a job that is possible for very few.

Kent Muer expanded on his dream of working in the art world over many years and couldn’t imagine doing anything different now.

Kent Muer on Volunteering – Good For Your Community And Your Social Skills

Kent Muer is a consultant in the Aspen, Colorado area who volunteers his time to help his local community. And he is not alone. There are millions of people that volunteer every day to help a cause in need. It may be hard to find the time to help out but with all the benefits volunteering brings, it is worth your while.

Volunteering connects you with others. With the majority of projects, you will be working with other volunteers to reach your common goal and possibly working with the people you are helping. This interaction will help you form bonds with your fellow do-gooders and with people that may need a friend more than you think.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

Reach out to those you are helping and listen to the stories they share or just chat about the weather. Striking up a conversation with someone who may get little contact with others can make a world of difference.

You can also make connections while helping out your community that can advance your career or open up new doors. Showing a prospective employer that you donate your time to help others shows that you are a well-rounded individual that cares about their local community. You may even meet your future boss where you volunteer.

There are so many ways that volunteering can improve your intrapersonal skills and help your build connections. Not to mention all the good you are doing for the local community. There are so many reasons to volunteer, so get out there and help! Kent Muer loves to volunteer in his community at a local food bank.

Kent Muer’s Skiing Originates on ‘Split Pieces of Wood’

Gliding on snow with narrow pieces of rigid or semi-rigid planks underfoot, is called skiing, and the material attached to the bottom of the foot, is called a ski.  Skis, one for each foot, are much longer than they are wide, and are attached to shoes or boots with bindings, which are comprised today of lockable, or partially secured heels on the ski.  Skiing was originated as a means to travel over deep snow, and the form of skis followed their function. Regarded today by aficionados like Kent Muer as the height of recreational and physically exciting athletic activity, skiing has actually been around for over five millennia.  It has been estimated that the earliest skiing may have taken place in 600 BC in China, although fragments which may have been skis have been dated from 6000 BC.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

Modern skiing evolved in Scandinavia, where the word ski originated in an ancient Norse word which means ‘split piece of wood’.   In Finland and Sweden even into the late 1800’s, one ski was long and straight for sliding, while the ski on the other foot was shorter, for kicking.  The bottom of the short ski was generally covered with animal skin to give the skier traction, while the longer ski was treated with animal grease, a kind of ski wax to facilitate speed.  These asymmetrical skis were aided by a long spear, and two ski poles were not seen in any image until around 1741.  Kent Muer might be interested in testing the use of these early ‘pieces of wood’.

Kent Muer Designs Graphics to Promote the Perfect Vibe

The more experienced and expert Kent Muer becomes in graphic design, the more adept he is at producing concepts which use brochures, signs, displays, websites, packaging and exhibits to promote the client’s brand. Kent Muer’s mastery of a variety of techniques and mediums is married to his effective communication with the needs of his client.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

Kent Muer is concerned with choices in print, type, color, font size, artwork, and web design, as well as execution in dissemination, including the use of internet venues and search engines, media talent and air buys, hardware and software. Knowledge and a working grasp of cameras, desktop publishing, Photoshop and Adobe programs are essential. Of prime importance, as well, is a love of creativity and an innate creative spirit. Kent remains ahead of trends in the marketplace, and is constantly updating and redesigning to keep up with modern culture and marketing, to help the client remain current and ahead of the curve.

Improving the branding of a company, through the use of visual media and style, is the purview of the graphic design consultant. Kent Muer concerns himself with the problems of commercial businesses and organizations in Aspen, Colorado, where he works today as an independent design consultant, adjusting the visual perception of the company into a desired emotional reaction from the company’s customers. The alliance of the company’s brand with the company’s goals through the use of images and typography is not easy, requiring a constant communication, reflection, adjustment and testing to achieve the perfect ‘vibe’.

Kent Muer’s Work Deals With Visual Arts, As Opposed to Interior Design

Kent Muer’s work as an artistic consultant in Aspen, Colorado is not to be confused with the occupation of art consultant, which encompasses the work of an art student with a good eye for interior design. An art consultant would, among other skills, exhibit an eye for the display of artwork. Art consultants are sought out by hotels, corporations, businesses and private art collectors who are concerned with the proper display and care of fine art, and the environments where these displays are best mounted. Art consultants are hired to assist art connoisseurs and businesses in purchasing suitable art works, either for a personal collection, for an impressive art display and collection for hotels, or for investment.   An art consultant marries the personal preferences and styles of clients with their wide knowledge of their own knowledge of the art world, recommending artists and works and searching out auctions and art sales to acquire pieces for a collection.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

A knowledge of art and design is necessary, as each separate display project encompasses the need for discriminating selection, the proper and harmonious fit of décor and art pieces, discriminating choices of framing and fit, and ability to appraise value based upon popularity of the art style and the artists themselves. Art consultants also have a wide range of knowledge and associations with galleries and artists, to offer the widest range of selections to clients, including resources to commission special artworks for budgets and space. An eye for detail, excellent public relations skills, and an up-to-the- minute knowledge of the art world are the qualities of the best art consultants.