Lightweight Items for Backpacking

Backpacking, unlike car camping, requires you to pack all of your necessary gear on your back. If you have ever car camped, you know that you can’t possibly bring everything on your back instead of in your car. You’ll have to ditch the camping stove, your bulky sleeping bag, and your grocery bags of food. Luckily, there are many ways to carry almost all of your normal comforts of car camping with you into the wilderness when you backpack. The key to a successful backpacking experience is to carry the least amount of gear as necessary. This will keep your pack lighter, but still allow you to camp in comfort and style.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

There are many common miniaturized items specifically designed for backpackers. One common item that many backpackers rely on to survive in the wild is the collapsible camp stove. These small, lightweight stoves have one burner, a small fuel reservoir, often detachable, and a small stand or wind blocker. These stoves get hot enough to thoroughly cook food while burning less fuel than larger camp stoves. Compact tents are a mainstay for experienced backpackers as well. Backpacking tents are usually designed for one or two people and are designed to fold up and fit into a pack in order to conserve space.

Kent Muer is an artistic consultant living and working in Aspen, Colorado. He loves to backpack in the mountains surrounding his adoptive town and spends many summer weeks exploring the high valleys, forests, and rivers of central Colorado.