Consulting – Technical Skill Not Everything

Consulting is more about long term business relationships than it is about one particular job or another. Consultants survive often by juggling multiple clients at the same time. While contractors are often hired to perform a specific job, consultants are expected to be always-available professionals who can help a business with all problems, big or small. Consultants have two jobs: one for the client, and one for themselves. The work they do for the client is what gets them paid and keeps them in a position for more work; the work they do for themselves involves developing relationships with loyal customers in order to keep their business running. Many veteran consultants argue that the work they do for themselves is most important.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

Technical skill is what brought you to the consulting business. If you don’t have the skills that clients want to pay for, you don’t have a future in consulting, no matter what industry you work in. However, technical skill only allows you to complete one job at a time for your client. Networking and having the ability to please clients with your communication skills as well as your talent is what allows you to stay in business.

Kent Muer is an artistic consulting working and living in Aspen, Colorado. Muer has worked for many different clients in the area on projects ranging from interior design to buying artwork. Muer developed his artistic talent during his time at Colorado University. From there, he decided to work for himself as a consultant.