Kent Muer Takes In the Architectural Beauty of the University of Colorado at Boulder

Kent Muer’s future alma mater, the University of Colorado at Boulder, opened its doors in 1877, and in addition to offering a 4-year university education, also established a preparatory school on campus, to prepare students, as there were few high schools in Colorado at the time, and those that did exist did not prepare students for higher post-secondary academics. From the beginning, UCB was a coeducational institution. Renowned architect Charles Klauder created the distinctive architecture of UCB’s original buildings, known as the Old Main, built in 1876, and Macky Auditorium, opened in 1923.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

Originally known as Tuscan Vernacular Revival in appearance, Klauder updated the familiar Gothic appearance which mimicked East Coast schools, and innovated a new exterior of textured sandstone walls and red-tiled roofs of multiple levels. Indiana limestone trimmed what became a unified style used in the design of fifteen campus buildings erected before 1939.

The sandstone used in nearly all the campus building exteriors came from different quarries in the Front Range of the Rockies, and the result continues to stun students and visitors alike. Travel & Leisure magazine name the Boulder University campus as one of the most beautiful in the US in 2011.

Kent Muer’s enrollment at the Boulder campus of the University of Colorado offered the Engineering Center, 660,000 square feet of classrooms, laboratories and computing facilities, with six engineering departments: Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. CU at Boulder houses the nation’s largest geotechnical centrifuge, ion implantation and microwave propagation facilities. In addition, spectrometers, electron microscopes and a structural analysis facility call the Engineering Center home.