Kent Muer Designs Graphics to Promote the Perfect Vibe

The more experienced and expert Kent Muer becomes in graphic design, the more adept he is at producing concepts which use brochures, signs, displays, websites, packaging and exhibits to promote the client’s brand. Kent Muer’s mastery of a variety of techniques and mediums is married to his effective communication with the needs of his client.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

Kent Muer is concerned with choices in print, type, color, font size, artwork, and web design, as well as execution in dissemination, including the use of internet venues and search engines, media talent and air buys, hardware and software. Knowledge and a working grasp of cameras, desktop publishing, Photoshop and Adobe programs are essential. Of prime importance, as well, is a love of creativity and an innate creative spirit. Kent remains ahead of trends in the marketplace, and is constantly updating and redesigning to keep up with modern culture and marketing, to help the client remain current and ahead of the curve.

Improving the branding of a company, through the use of visual media and style, is the purview of the graphic design consultant. Kent Muer concerns himself with the problems of commercial businesses and organizations in Aspen, Colorado, where he works today as an independent design consultant, adjusting the visual perception of the company into a desired emotional reaction from the company’s customers. The alliance of the company’s brand with the company’s goals through the use of images and typography is not easy, requiring a constant communication, reflection, adjustment and testing to achieve the perfect ‘vibe’.