Kent Muer – Don’t Give Up On Your Dream

Kent Muer knows better than most about how hard it can be to finally achieve your life-long dream and the compromises and twists and turns it takes to get there. Kent dreamed of being an artist ever since he was little. He moved from New York to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder because he was so inspired by the beautiful mountains. After getting his degree, he thought he would have paintings in every gallery but it wasn’t quite so easy.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

Kent had to learn to keeping pushing and working toward his dream, even if it was in unconventional ways. He took odd jobs and worked as a barista so he could pay his rent while still painting on the side. He interned at several galleries to get exposure in the art world.

And finally, he found a niche that local businesses needed. He now works to help build brands, develop advertising and logos and more in his community. He was able to find a way to make his dream of working in the art world practical by applying it to the business world.

Often times shifting your dream like this is necessary. For example, you may dream of playing professional baseball. But you can still live your dream by working in the Public Relations department for your favorite team. This allows you to have the best of both worlds by working in your dream field without the disappointment of not getting a job that is possible for very few.

Kent Muer expanded on his dream of working in the art world over many years and couldn’t imagine doing anything different now.