Kent Muer – Volunteering Is Good For You Mind, Body, and Soul

Volunteering your time not only helps the community but can help your own health and well-being too. Giving back provides many benefits that millions who volunteer experience daily. One of those volunteers is Kent Muer. He volunteers at his local food bank to help those in dire need.

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

There are countless numbers of ways that you can volunteer to help your local community. Whether you are reading books to the blind, visiting people in the hospital, cleaning up a park or serving food at a shelter; most volunteering involves some physical movement. This exercise can help you stay fit and maybe even get you out in the fresh air and sunshine.

Volunteering isn’t just good for you physically, it helps mentally too. It can help you connect with other and feel less isolated, which can fight depression and anxiety symptoms. Having a network of support from fellow volunteers will help to turn your frown upside down.

Another way volunteering makes you smile is by giving you’re a sense of purpose and something to be inspired by. The rush you can get when donating your time or helping someone in need is amazing. It will help you contribute something positive and help you see a positive change in your community.

Doing good can also help to boost your self-confidence by giving you a sense of accomplishment and pride, not only in your work but in your community too.

Volunteering can provide many benefits for you and the community you are helping. Kent Muer is one of the many people who experience the benefits through volunteering.