Kent Muer – Essentials To Brand Building

Kent Muer

Kent Muer

Building your business’s brand is no easy feat. But it is essential if your business is going to compete in today’s oversaturated market. Kent Muer is an artistic and graphic design consultant that helps local business define and build their brand to be more successful. He recommends following some key steps to go through this process.
Identify what product, service, resource, etc. you want to provide to others. This is fairly self-explanatory and can be expanded on later if needed.
Define your core values. What matters to you as a business owner and what matters to your company? Is great customer service the most important thing or is it quality of product? There are so many values to choose from so this one may take a little while. Don’t feel that you need to get it down to one, or even two. You can have a few to help round out your ideals.

Determine your talents or special skills. What will you bring to the table to make your business successful? What skills are you lacking or need to improve on to be able to manage every aspect of the business? At this step, you may want to do some research or find an expert in an area that you need help in.

Combine all of the above into a statement of specialty, then expand into a paragraph. This will be a jumping off point to build on. This represents what you are offering your customers and why you are the right person to offer it to them.
Add on a tag line for your new branded business.

Developing and building a brand for your business can be a difficult and long process. Although it can be done alone, many business owners enlist the help of people like Kent Muer to help achieve their branding goals.